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We review hosting services from different companies. We also discuss the most commonly used terms, like managed WordPress hosting. We will not be able to review hosting resellers that are also web designers as they are buying space from the larger companies. However, if your web designer indicates (s)he is also able to host you should ask where they are hosting. Because it does make a difference.

We have started a list of web hosting providers.

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I was able to find a web hosting company that was able to serve my site in under 2 seconds for a reasonable price.

– Mike @ Startup

Compare Web Hosting Info helped me find the best hosting for my e-commerce site.

– Name @ Company

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Compare Web Hosting

We will work two angles. First, we will convey how to compare a hosting provider. What are the parameters that you should pay attention to versus those that are not relevant?

Our goal is to recommend the best hosting for your use. WordPress sites are our favorite, but we will be looking at other sites.