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Choosing your website hosting company will or is a big decision. Not all hosting companies are created equal and thus should be looked at differently as no two hosting companies are the exact same when comparing. We will be writing at least an article or more a week.

Hosting Comparison

Here are some of the parameters and lingo you should become familiar with.

  • dedicated hosting plans
  • managed WordPress hosting
  • free web hosting

Web hosting providers range in a number of ways. Here are the parameters to be aware of.

We hope to share a comparison with many of the web hosting providers.

Compare Host

The individual host may be a virtual machine or host multiple websites and this will have directly effect on the performance of the site. Other things will effect it as well. Serving large files or having a complex theme will contribute to the site speed and overall rating.

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Managed WordPress Hosting

Shared Web Hosting and Web Hosting Services that Equate to Discount Hosting

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